What are the odds?

I was lost, they were lost too! And that’s how all it started.

It was on a wet, cold and windy afternoon in January 2015 when I met Cesia and Sarah at Bir Hakeim station in Paris. They are cousins and they are both Peruvians. Cesia lives in New York, and Sarah lives on the outskirts of Paris.

I was on the train  to Versailles when I realized that I’d traveled too far. So, I decided to get off  at Bir Hakeim station to figure out my route, and there I saw Cesia and Sarah speaking Spanish. By the look on their faces they were lost as well. I figured I would talk to them and perhaps figure out where we were and we could go together.

Bir Hakeim station

And that’s how our friendship started. What are the odds of meeting strangers who eventually become your friends? I had just received my certificate in journalism at UCLA, and I remember when we exchanged contact information, Sarah told me, don’t forget us when you become famous 🙂

Cheers to friendships that started when you met people in your travels.

Yay! we made it to chateau de Versailles

Blurry but this is the only photo I have with her
and I am here
homeward bound inside the train back to Paris

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